The formula is changing constantly with the advancement of technology and the audience is now very different from what it used to be and where it will be. That shapeshifting terrain is both haunting and exciting. Because it requires crazy artistic people to indulge themselves in it. And the best part is, no one knows where this is heading…

Directing is an art. Art is created through commitment and applied scheduling and timing. Every shooting day from pre-production, until the last day of post-production is a battle for quality. It is intense. You have to keep your sense of humor. You have to be victorious. There is no other way. It’s both mind boggling and exhilarating. When you think about it, you go into a meeting and you talk to a ‘producer,’ and pitch –  ‘I see this, and I need this much money so that I can go make this film that I see in my head.’ And then they do bite based on your visual that you created in their head, sometimes (like 1% of the time), and it’s the best virtual game imaginable. It’s all nuts. Yes crazy.

There is an element of vitality and energy that fascinates me in directing a movie. When I direct, It is a reflection that stems from the fabric of the lives and moments I have lived. To bring personal experiences that have touched, inspired, saddened, and made me happy, usually plays a part in making any film. I find this true when I get married to making my films. The writing is no different. I find myself privileged that I can write screenplays and witness the greatest expression of freedom – transposing the literal medium into a visual medium – when it comes to life, it is magical. It is in my blood to make films that portray strong emotions, strong characters and make them controversial with intriguing stories. I want characters to show humanity, empathy, intellectual strength, and transform themselves with chilling perfection. I live by these rules. I breathe them.

I come from the independent world. This means I had to ‘suffer’ to make feature films. Perhaps ‘suffer’ is even an understatement. But with pain there is reward, and mine is known as ‘experience.’ With experience came the key element every director must possess, INSTINCT. Doing everything you can to make the film work in the most economical and timely manner. Capturing the right moments to make it interesting enough to keep the audience intrigued. The visual style and production design at any budget makes any film no less special. It is difficult. But that is what I am used to
doing. REVENGE OF THE MASK was a short film that was made in two weeks and broke records with views on YouTube. Even when it comes to a short, the cost of making a film without losing its integrity in a very limited time is always in the back of my mind. So from experience, I have become sharper, smarter, and refined to make features without wasting time. The best experience for a director in this is that I know exactly what I want when I shoot a film. Improvisation becomes an end in itself. Everything has been made, every story has been told, so what is it that I bring that is different? Style is key. I get involved in everything and in that I know not only about writing, but also, cinematography, editing, music composition, color correction, sound, and sound design, all the way to distribution. This is what I bring to the table. This is the life I have lived.

I look forward to reading my next film, meeting the right group, or person to work with, from cast, to crew, to the producers. It is all a privilege. It is all wonderful. It is filmmaking.

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Lance Kawas

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