The formula is changing constantly with the advancement of technology,
and audience expectations is very different from what it used to be and
where it will be. This shape shifting terrain is both haunting and exciting.
Because it requires crazy artistic people to indulge themselves in it. And the
best part is, no one knows where this is heading…

Directing is an art. Art is created through imagination, commitment, applied
scheduling, timing and execution. Every shooting day from pre-production,
until the last day of post-production is a battle for ‘quality.’ It is intense. You
have to keep your sense of humor. You have to be victorious. There is no
other way. It’s both mind boggling and exhilarating. When you think about
it, you go into a meeting and you talk to a ‘producer,’ and pitch: ‘I see this,
and I need this much money so I can go make this film that I see in my
head.’ And sometimes they do bite based on your visual that you created in
their head, sometimes (like 1% of the time), and it’s the best virtual game
imaginable. It’s all nuts. Yes crazy.

There is an element of vitality and energy that fascinates me in directing a
movie. When I direct, It is a reflection that stems from the fabric of the lives
and moments I have lived. Images that have moved me, sounds that have
haunted me and colors that have enriched my life. To bring personal
experiences that have touched, inspired, saddened, and made me happy,
usually plays a part in making any film. I find this true when I get married to
making films. The writing is no different. I find myself privileged that I can
write screenplays and witness the greatest expression of freedom –
transposing the literal medium into a visual medium – when it comes to life,
it is magical. It is in my blood to make films that portray strong emotions,
strong characters and make them controversial with intriguing stories. I
want characters to show humanity, empathy, intellectual strength, and
transform themselves with chilling perfection. I live by these rules. I breathe

I come from the independent world. This means I had to ‘suffer’ to make
feature films. Perhaps ‘suffer’ is even an understatement. But with pain
there is reward, and mine is known as ‘experience.’ With experience came
the key element every director must possess, INSTINCT. Doing everything
you can to make the film work in the most economical and timely manner.
Capturing the right moments to make it interesting enough to keep the
audience intrigued. The visual style and production design at any budget
makes any film no less special. It is difficult. But that is what I am used to
doing. REVENGE OF THE MASK 1 & 2 like RISE OF THE MASK 1 & 2 are
short films that were made in two weeks each, and broke records with
views on YouTube. Even when it comes to a short, a commercial or a music
video, the cost of making a film without losing its integrity in a very limited
time is always in the back of my mind. So from experience, I have become
sharper, smarter, and refined to make features without wasting time. The
best experience for a director in this is that I know exactly what I want when
I shoot a film. Improvisation becomes an end in itself. Everything has been
made, every story has been told, so what is it that I bring that is different?
Style is key. I get involved in everything and in that I know not only about
writing, but also, cinematography, editing, music composition, color
correction, sound, and sound design, all the way to distribution. This is
what I bring to the table. This is the life I have lived.

I look forward to reading my next film, meeting the right group, or person to
work with, from cast, to crew, to the producers. It is all a privilege. It is all
wonderful. It is film making.

Thank you for visiting my web page.

Lance Kawas

INSTAGRAM @lancekawasfilms


BBA Banking & Finance, minor in English and Art – University of Michigan

Current Accolade – YouTube sensation for his Channel Revenge of The Mask Film with
more than 54 million views, and 192K subscribers.

Lance has Directed many features, including Apartment 213, Good Thief, Royal
Family Holiday, Royal Family Christmas – both aired nationally for TV One, Fractured,
Restitution, The Deported, Street Boss, and Golden Shoes. With actors like Randy
Couture, Tobin Bell, Cowboy Cerrone, Robert Davi, Dean Cain, Nathan Jones, James
Russo, Jonathan Bennett, Mena Suvari, Eric Roberts, Tom Arnold, Vivica A. Fox, Montel
Williams, John Rhys Davies, Dina Meyer, Jake Busey, Talia Shire, Michael Rapaport, C
Thomas Howell, Debbie Morgan, Techina Arnold and more.

Lance has written 32 screenplays and earned 19 national screenplay competition awards.
He also has another 15 awards for directing, and film related nominations for movies.

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[table id=produced-features /]

Screenplay Honors & Awards

35 National Competition Awards (19 for writing scripts, 16 for films).


California International Shorts Festival®
  • Winner – Best Commercial – Alexander’s of Northville
Oniros Film Awards®
  • Winner – Best Commercial – Alexander’s of Northville
Festigious Int. Film Festival
  • Winner – Best Commercial – Alexander’s of Northville
Top Shorts
  • Winner – Best Commercial – Alexander’s of Northville
New York Cinematography Awards
  • Winner Best Commercial – Alexander’s of Northville
Short Film Factory (Romania)
  • Winner Best Short – Alexander’s of Northville


  • Winner Best Feature – Paid In Full


Richmond Film Festival
  • Nominated best music video (Ila Mata)


Uptown Film Festival
  • Winner best editing (Fractured)
  • Winner best director (Fractured)


Uptown Film Festival
  • Nominated for 9 awards
  • Nominated Best Feature Film – Restitution
  • Nominated Best Director – Restitution


Detroit Independent Film Festival
  • Nominated Best Feature Film – Street Boss
  • Nominated Best Director – Street Boss


Detroit Windsor International Film Festival
  • Winner Best Feature Film – Street Boss
Thrillspy International Film Festival (DC)
  • Winner Best Feature Film – Street Boss


American Zoetrope Screenplay Contest
  • Semifinalist, Top 3% of 2186


Cinestory Screenplay Competition
  • Quarterfinalist, Out of 800
Hollywood’s Next Sucess Screenplay Competition
  • Quarterfinalist Screenplay Competition
  • Semifinalist


Academy of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences (Nicholl)
  • Top 10% of 5,500
Red Carpet Productions Screenplay Competition
  • 5th Place
Dolphin Bay Films Screenplay Competition
  • Quarterfinalist
Practical Paradox Screenplay Competition
  • Finalist Screenplay Competition
  • 4th Place
Telluride Indie Fest Screenplay Competition
  • Winner
Produce Me 2002 Competition
  • Semifinalist, Top 2% of 4,000
Hollywood 27 Productions Screenplay Competition
  • Runner-Up


Telluride Indie Fest Screenplay Competition
  • Winner Best Screenplay
  • Finalist Best Screenplay
AngelCiti Screenplay Forum
  • 3rd Place Best Screenplay


Sundance Producer’s Forum
  • Semifinalist
Sundance Screenplay Competition
  • 2nd Round Finalist

To Whom It May Concern:

Lance Kawas is a very talented writer/director who I’ve had the pleasure of working with on numerous projects. As a writer he has a unique voice for characters and strong, emotional connections. As a director he has the ability to illuminate the human condition and show compassion for people across the spectrum.

Lance works well with people on set, and is a good collaborator as well. I enjoy my own collaboration with him on every project that we’ve worked on together.

I recommend Lance on any film to direct and trust his instinct without any reservation.

Please feel free to call me should you have any questions.

Scott Rosenfelt

(Producer of Home Alone, Mystic Pizza, Teen Wolf)

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been my pleasure to work with Lance on the four films we have done together and I look forward to continuing that.

I have found that Lance is professional and diligent in all that he does. His pre-production skills give me great comfort in knowing that the films will be on time and on budget.

I can easily give my whole-hearted recommendation of Lance as a writer, or director. Any production he is on is in good hands.

Please feel free to call me for any more information.


Jerry Wolff

Gerald I Wolff & Associates (Casting agent/Producer)

To Whom It may Concern:

It has been my pleasure for the past twelve years to be a professional associate, business partner, and friend of Lance Kawas. This friendship developed through a mutual interest in screenwriting and production. This collaboration eventually led to the finalization of a screenplay which was then made into a feature film entitled ‘Street Boss’ based from my book ‘With Honor And Purpose’. We collaborated on several other projects, including the recent production of Restitution staring Mena Suvari and Tom Arnold. Other projects are proceeding to fruition at the present time.

Those familiar with the movie industry know, that unfortunately this art is also a business. While working with Lance, we brought in talent, raised significant sums of money, and took projects to the screen. His actions in all of this were ethical, reasonable, and patient. Believe me I know ethics having spent twenty six years in the FBI as an agent and a supervisor, and ten years as a certified fraud examiner.

Based on the foregoing, I heartily recommend Mr. Kawas for involvement in any aspect of a theatrical production from either the artistic and/or business perspective.


Philip R Kerby

To Whom it may concern,

I’ve hired Lance to direct two feature films (Street Boss and Restitution). I can think of no better person to handle the pressures and personalities of making feature films. Lance learns the story from top to bottom, so he can adapt quickly to the delays, changes and challenges of filmmaking. Lance has a great eye, and a calm easy going personality that keeps everyone happy and working hard. He works harder than anybody I’ve meet in the business. He loves movies, and it shows in his work.

Through the years of making films together, Lance and I became friends. He is a giving, patient, and trustworthy man. Those are hard traits to find in this business. I would not hesitate to use Lance on any aspect of filmmaking.

Mark Bierlein


Bierlein Entertainment LLC