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Eric Roberts and Jake Busey star in Fractured:

May Oster, played by Athena Isabel Lebessis, is a beautiful, pensive, somber woman in her mid twenties; a beautiful woman that discovers her boyfriend’s bloody scarf in her apartment following a black-out episode. This unearthed white scarf covered in crimson drives May to attempt suicide.

May is taken to a psychiatric ward under the care and influence of Dr. Ballard, a fifty-eight year old psychiatrist/writer, played by Eric Roberts. May is immediately thrown into seclusion. Detective James Harding, played by Jake Busey, appears to question May about a horrific murder. This questioning thrusts May into narrating an in-depth story about an unnamed women’s involvement with unsavory characters leading to multiple murders.

The unnamed woman awakens in a mysterious mansion with no recollection of how she got there. As she collects her thoughts, Dr. Ballard presents himself. Suddenly, the woman grasps that she is at his home. His presence, along with his wife Barbara, played by Shena Adl, and maid Maria triggers her memories. When the woman’s eyes regain focus, she is presented with quite a dilemma. She is forced to attend group therapy with three dangerous women all suspected of killing their men. Gina, played by Lauren Mae Shafer,   and Maddy, played by Jordan Trovillion, and Bella, played by Ariel M. Carlson are all determined to make her recovery at the mansion a living hell. Barbara does not make this transition any smoother. She makes sexual advances towards the woman in a very aggressive way. Suddenly, the woman is faced with finding the truth, battling four powerful women amidst chaos while suffering from hallucinations prompted by medications given to her by Doctor Ballard.

Will May regain her sanity, restore her normal life and unravel the mystery of her true love? Only time will tell.

Fractured is a psychological thriller with a major twist.

Written and Directed by Lance Kawas.