Fractured Identity

Suspense / Thriller

Golden Shoes

Family Genre

Detroit’s New Mob

Mob Genre

Whispered Insanity

Psychodrama / Suspense

Scriptures from the Light

Mystic Drama

The Man in the Mansion


The Sword and the Woman

Epic Drama

A Bouqet of Vegabonds

Caper Heist / Comedy

The Spymaster

Modern Spy Thriller

The Nanny

Family-Oriented Drama

Ed the Fed


In Love & War

Epic World War II Drama

The Jewel and the Assassin

Action / Romance

The Romance of Tristan & Iseold

Fantasy / Action / Love / Drama

Ripples on the Pond

Gangster Genre

The Count of San Francisco


Letters from 43

Epic / War / Romance

The Mindless Plan

Mystery / Drama

Innocent Murder

Detective / Suspense

Immortal Death

Family-Oriented Drama